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Lets Talk

The Scalate community is here to help you

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Mailing List

We really want you to get involved in the Scalate and we love contributions. One of the easiest ways to get involved is to join the community discussions.

The main mailing list is hosted at the scalate google group.

Please join us!

Be aware that to reduce spam your first post will be moderated through; so please be patient. (Unfortunately we get a lot of spam)

Commits List

The scalate-commits google group is notified of all changes to the source code or changes to issues so you can use this list to watch development and support occur.

Old Archives

Previously to moving to the google group, we hosted scalate mailing lists on Nabble here:


You can watch us on twitter by following @scalate or alternatively searching for scalate or the #scalate tag.

If you find something you like or don't like in scalate please do tweet it (with scalate or #scalate in the text) or lets chat about it on the mailing list


You can also catch us on IRC to chat via #scalate on If you don't have an IRC client then try the web based IRC client or the freenode java applet or this


If you have a problem you can get help or try surfing our Issue Tracker